• Ian Brown @ Preston Guildhall, 13th October 2007.

    15. Okt. 2007, 17:24 von Chicken_Boosh

    Sat 13 Oct – Ian Brown

    Finally got 'round to writing this a whole two nights after the gig. =P
    Getting into the venue was a bit of a strange affair. When I bought the tickets, even though it was quite early in the morning, all that was left was seating tickets, so I had to make do with them. We got into the hall on Saturday night, and none of the staff were checking tickets at the top of the stairs, so we could've just gone and wandered right to the front. But our brains don't work like that (good thing I suppose), and it didn't occur to us that we could've done that until a few minutes after we were sat down. However, as the place filled up is was bloody obvious that that was what a lot of people had done. The standing area was packed right back to the staircases. It must have been pretty crushy down there. Probably quite dangerous too. Also, it was a sold-out gig and there were so many empty seats, it was just silly really.

    Our seats weren't bad. Could've been a lot better. …