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IC 434


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IC 434 began its story in 1991 as TALES OF DOOM, when Geert de Wilde (Antwerp, Belgium) started making electronic music after several years of experimenting with pianos, tapes and old radios. While appearing with the industrial act GENOCIDE and performing as keyboarder with the death metal band HARADWAITH, things changed drastically in August 1994 when a more professional synth made its entry: the legendary Korg M1.

IC 434 was born as the very first Belgian so-called ‘dark electro’ band and was named after the Horsehead Nebula, a remarkable galactic cloud in the constellation of Orion. Impressed by one of the concerts in 1996, Dirk Ivens (ABC, THE KLINIK, DIVE and SONAR) decided to offer IC 434 a contract on his label DAFT (BODY) RECORDS. IC 434 released three albums on this label between 1996 and 2002.

A while after collaborating with Johan Van Roy of SUICIDE COMMANDO on a few songs in the Stored Images period (Johan also played live keys in IC 434 in the late 90’s), Geert started with a side project, called PANGEA, around the millenium change. Some people describe it as a mix of EBM and Goa/Psy Trance. Geert also joined VOMITO NEGRO when Guy Van Mieghem remixed the PANGEA song Permafrost a while after he broke up the collaboration with Gin Devo in 2002. Because of an overflow of bands called PANGEA, this IC 434 side project is recently renamed PANGEAN DREAMS.




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