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9. Jun. 2011 | von www.ifightdragons.com/blog/category/bandblog/

Hey everyone Chad here!

So it's been awhile since I have had the chance to have my drum kit set up at my house and I wanted to share some photos of my kit and where I practice when I have them at home.

As of now (everything changes all the time) I am playing:

Tama Starclassic Maple Drums


Rack tom- 10x12

Floor toms- 14x14 and 16x16

Kick drum- Standard 22"

Snare- 5.5x14 (soon moving to a Pork Pie Brass 7.5x14)

Cymbals- Mastersound K custom 14"

             17" K custom fast crash

             20" K custom hybrid ride

             19" K custom hybrid crash

Heads- Evans EC2 coated on toms and Evans power center on snare





s p



Lies hier den kompletten Artikel:


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