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Heavy Trash


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The new album from danger-makers JON SPENCER and MATT VERTA-RAY — GOING WAY OUT WITH HEAVY TRASH — is their greatest salvo of passion and grind yet, a torrent of cut-throat twang, a nitro-burning joy ride that drives hot-rodded guitars and battered tube amps to their earthly extremes!!!

JON SPENCER cannot stop! His name is synonymous with high-energy deliverance!! He is the hardest-working man in the game today, a soul on fire, exploding across the starry sky like a Phantom jet!!!

Riding shotgun is the most feared guitar man in the world, the Lower East Side Studio Svengali and Master of the Analog Sound, Mr. MATT VERTA-RAY, who cuts audiences to ribbons with dagger riffs fired with sniper-like precision from his atomic-powered Gibson rockabilly blast box!!

But Heavy Trash goes deeper than just rock, rock, rock…

Yes, Heavy Trash rassles with the Sun Sound, echoing slap-back sludge and gurgling the dark hoodoo groove! Yes, Heavy Trash twangs and shivers in the cold moonlight!! Heavy Trash rhythms and blues, Heavy Trash punches and weaves… there are songs for listening and songs for dancing, sad songs, happy songs, and songs that will make you burn with fever. The words of these songs reflect the folly, the joy or the sadness in our lives, and Jon’s voice illustrates each mood with such precise honesty, taking you on a thrill ride to the depths of human emotion.




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