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  • Carneiro_

    Tears and blood.

    September 2014

    never get sick of this one.

    Januar 2014
  • one-lost-alice

    @ Blaze-Shadow, if you're going to be so nit-picky, please look at your own grammatical mistakes as well. It is "it's" not "its" since you are correcting RaphMike (or Ralph) for his previous mistake. Please don't be so...picky and enjoy the song. On the internet, people tend to ignore grammar rules, so excuse them and move on. Thanks.

    November 2013
  • lacrymosarust

    ''And do you close your eyes with her?'' I'm just speechless, I love this song so much. ♥

    Oktober 2013
  • Ayailla

    Do Halestorm even have a bad song? <3

    August 2013
  • Eviebb13

    ~♥~ All those memories make it hard to forget me~♥~

    Mai 2013
  • jbadjbad

    Going to see them again in May. Woohoo!

    Februar 2013
  • reichm31

    love Lzzy. Halestorm needs to come back to Tallahassee again.

    Oktober 2012
  • JustGoWithItXp

    this band is awesome!

    Mai 2012
  • Blaze-Shadow

    Raph.. Its amazing and Ralph is spelled with an "l" please learn to spell

    Mai 2012
  • justdance5

    god its been forever since i heard this :D

    März 2012
  • RaphMike


    Juli 2010
  • Kayoss1

    good song

    März 2010
  • akansas13

    Like this song...that's the good meaning.

    Oktober 2009