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  • kiliwatch

    The perfect Hades on Anais Mitchell's Hadestown album [2]

    Juli 2013
  • Swordfisherman

    He's brought out another great album! Get over to CD Baby and order his new CD Hymns to What Is Left . Loving it:)

    Oktober 2012
  • GreatBarcia

    Dream Cafe what else can i say...

    Februar 2012
  • redflagbear

    The perfect Hades on Anais Mitchell's Hadestown album

    Januar 2012
  • magicalhobo6

    Great stuff

    November 2011
  • GreatBarcia

    amazing stuff

    Oktober 2011
  • Swordfisherman

    Loving Freak Flag ! One of his best records.

    Mai 2011
  • foxyluva

    New album Freak Flag is out now!

    April 2011
  • quonze

    Can`t believe l never heard him before , He`s way up there with the best....... and married to Iris Dement !

    Oktober 2010
  • Vancouver2010

    Unforgettable voice.

    Juni 2010
  • SmilinSkullRing

    rionrinker: sadly that is one of the very few Greg albums I don't have. :/

    Juni 2010
  • SmilinSkullRing

    Zaqry: check this for Greg's discography,

    Juni 2010
  • rionrinker

    anyone have a copy of the out of print hacklebarney album?

    Juni 2010
  • zaqry

    The Slant 6 Mind album just blew me away. Love it! The album page suggests that he released six albums on the same day in ~1992. ????????

    Juni 2010
  • SmilinSkullRing

    I have to see him live this year.

    Mai 2010
  • strajnic

    Sweet sweet music for midnight hours!

    März 2010
  • jonjon_last

    I just love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dezember 2009
  • SmilinSkullRing

    The Live One!!!!!!!

    Juli 2009
  • SmilinSkullRing

    I really want to see Greg live. I'm sure he's just as amazing live, if not more so.

    Juli 2009
  • SmilinSkullRing

    New pics!

    Juli 2009
  • SmilinSkullRing

    I get why Covenant is in the top 4 most listened to albums but not the other 3. Don't get me wrong all of them are great, but people need to be listening to Further In, Milk Of The Moon, Slant 6 Mind, and The Evening Call more.

    Juli 2009
  • chachachoke

    whosoever speaks truth.

    Juni 2009
  • SmilinSkullRing

    Milk Of The Moon!!

    Juni 2009
  • whosoever

    Album; The Live One is such a joy. Song; Spring Wind is a beautiful song. I second SmilinSkullRing: Criminally unrecognized.

    April 2009
  • batgirl69

    How have I never heard of this man before?!! He is just incredible!!!

    April 2009
  • SmilinSkullRing

    Criminally unrecognized.

    April 2009
  • musicdish <-- bringing you the latest news on great independent music!

    März 2009
  • AmyStephen


    Februar 2009
  • TURTLE66

    Greg Brown : Cake/Deathray!!

    Januar 2009
  • musicdish

    Fans of Greg Brown should also check out Amy Speace...

    Januar 2009
  • chunderella

    Great stuff... I caught Greg in Park City, UT about 4 years ago... His live version of Ani DiFranco's "Fuck You" was one of the more magical moments I have ever experienced at a concert. Just fantastic... I wish I could find a recording of it.

    August 2008
  • ryantheduke

    i am deep into a greg brown kick... it's the greatest! i need to find more of his live shows..

    Juli 2008
  • dicksonstdigest

    who woulda thunk it. not even on the list??!!

    Juni 2008
  • Becky_Eclectic

    Please come back to Kate Wolf next year! I only go to see you. :)

    Februar 2008
  • wiccum

    Sometimes an artist or label will permit to stream and/or provide a download for certain full-length tracks and that skews the statistics. That might explain why Blue Car is so high in the lists.

    Dezember 2007
  • veronicarae

    I agree with wolf_girl below... Canned Goods is my absolute favorite Greg Brown song. I am going to see him on the free stage at the Minnesota State Fair next month, can't wait!

    Juli 2007
  • reklar

    Yeah, I don't get Blue Car at the top of the list either ... and no Banjo Moon? Seriously, Greg Brown is one of the best songwriters I've ever heard. Love is a Chain ...

    Juni 2007
  • jbecan

    What's up with Blue Car? Was it released as a single somewhere? ..I mean it's a good song and everything, but jeez!

    Mai 2007
  • Alhutch

    i agree on the poet game comment! greg brown is awesome

    Februar 2007
  • GURT

    If you listen to Greg Brown, make sure to check out Mudfunk and Sean Rowe

    Dezember 2006
  • iamthepinky

    I think that 'Further In' is a masterpiece.

    Dezember 2006
  • hoppern

    Poet Game -- as good as it gets.

    November 2006