• Dreams Burn Down (and Tiredness Takes Over ;) )

    16. Jan. 2007, 15:54 von RosaQ


    I hope that all the last.fm users and readers are well, and keeping warm... (How I am coveting those duvets that they sell on the TV shopping channels... They look gorgeous! So snug... The thing is, I'd never want to get out of bed! I have enough trouble as it is! Eurk... Maybe I'd have to take the duvet with me? Forget taking an MP3 player/Sudoku book on the bus, I'd bring my cosy duvet with me! :) Did Björk do something like that once, or am I - probably - mistaken? Aaah, where was I... ;) )

    (Oh, and if you happen to be in heat-baked Australia, please keep cool! It is HOT in Melbourne right now... I tried to stay up to watch Australian Open tennis - I didn't get 'that' far before sleep took over me... )

    I am STILL obsessed with Slowdive. Still. What did I do without them... (My Audioscrobbler was less busy. Heh. ;) ) That compilation "Like A Daydream" has changed my musical life! It has! I 'did' know of some of these bands before but I wasn't 'that' familiar with their music. …