Golden Diskó Ship // is a one girl band.

since she moved to berlin, the 28 year old sound sculptress has quickly become renowned for her imaginative songscapes. she effortlessly shifts between fragile moments of sadness and drama, crunchy distortion and squealing sounds that suggest horrific drum machine abuse, only to swerve back and reveal the captivating melodies that had been perpetually lurking in the dark.

on board you will find a kreisi mix of acoustic instruments and mini synthies, torn up computer beats and sad sounds, a personable guitar style, layered vocals and a novel use of found objects. in combination with her selfmade video projections, her eccentric version of sonic anarchy transports you into a unique world of chaos made from beauty, or the other way around.

firmly rooted in the DIY tradition, golden diskó ship´s split LP on Monika Enterprise (2010) was proceeded by a number of hand made self releases, which brought her considerable attention from the press, including comparisons to Coco Rosie and Fourtet. ‘the “organically cluttered singersongwriter” lists her influences as including restlessness, chocolate, first takes, peaceful hangovers, lakes, trees, streets, bad weather, swimming pools, mistuned guitars and iceland.’

City Splits: #1 Berlin, (split LP with jasmina maschina), Monika Enterprise 65 LP/CD (2010)

self releases:
lonesome cowboy/christmas tree TV (DVD) (2009)
lonesome cowboy/christmas tree e.p. (2008)
bumblebee behind a tree e.p. (2007)

girl as a slower ghostship: klangbad festival sampler (2010), urban heartware vol.1 (brumtone 006), (2009)

„a chaotic, organic and original music world.“

„more of an independent media production centre than a band, with just one girl on stage, and at times I felt like I was trapped in a weathervane that was being attacked by broken stones.“

„the musical translation of chaos theory“

„you could call it Folktronica but then you could think up something much more inventive yourself, like, ‘Beautiful and insane; Like an autistic child left alone in a cave with a book on fairies, a camp fire, a woolly jumper and some toy instruments’.

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