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What was this choice? What was the choice you made? What was the decision made? How did you come to it? How has it affected? And now what will you do? What's in your brain? Answers given, words taken What answers? Nothing is for certain What was given to you, huh? But the one thing I know What do you know huh? Tell me, what do you fucking know?
Torn apart but I'm still whole (You've broken me from the inside out) The blame is mine, but not alone (I couldn't hate myself enough)
I never wanted to compromise, redefine the path in my life See the malice behind your eyes, know the truth or desensitize I can't let go! Down the drain I wander Feel my pain mother fucker.
Lay your sins on me? I'll give it away We all live again, we all live again Now its time to move on. Set me free We all live again, we all live again

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