Hannah Boo - 5th installment of the Kickstarter Campaign Collaboration Reward

25. Mai. 2012 | von gavincastleton.blogspot.com/

Here is the 5th collaboration from my Won Over Frequency Kickstarter campaign in which a Backer provides me with lyrics which I then turn into a hit song.  The inspiration for this track was provided by Maya Peart, who gracefully recounted the life and final days of her beloved pure bred Bullmastiff , Hannah. 

Regarding the music: 
I don't know why I return to hymnal harmony when trying to communicate pain, but I do. That being said, I purposefully kept it from following any expected direction, so as to simulate the sea-legs of profound loss. To represent that hourly oscillation between numbness and hysterics, I used a man vs. machine theme throughout the production: authentic snare and ride cymbal paired with electronic kick drum; synth strings and rhodes with acoustic guitar and electric bass; unfettered lead vocal with robotic vocoded harmonies. 

Regarding the lyrics:
It is a heavy thing, paying homage to someone this special. It is a heavier thing still to take on the voice of the grieving. If I weren't still knee-deep in my own grieving over Lumas, I'd venture to say that this sort of emotional co-opting is downright morally reprehensible. But lucky for me, Hannah's parents are dear friends of mine and myLumas, and were wonderful enough to trust me with something this sensitive. I really struggled to marry the subjective snapshots laid out in the verses with the objective rhetorical questions posed in the choruses. I know that the specifics of Hannah's death are not entirely clear to a listener who did not know her, and I grappled with whether or not to remedy that. In the end, I felt that vacillating between the details of injustice and a desperate lunge at gaining a larger context turns out to be a pretty accurate depiction of what coping with a loss of this magnitude looks like. So the song remains a dichotomy, optimized for her parents.

Hannah Boo

Well I suppose you were the silent type
but oh oh oh dear, you made a riot out of my tiny life
and nosed your way into every space
the anti-graceful, full of grace
you stoic bulldozer
why did you leave me with this mess?

And why do the biggest hearts break easiest?
Why do the smallest hearts survive?
Is it that love defies naturally selection
or that the big hearts keep the small hearts alive?

The way it went down was so hard to take
we'd been through hell and back but things felt ok
when the call came through we were both far away
Darling  Hannah  Boo, we never abandoned you!
I tried to be still but I'm not built that way
I couldn't take control or make the call - I had no say
Now I can't fill your space
I can dwell on the best, forget the rest but

why do the biggest hearts break easiest?
Why do the smallest hearts survive?
Is it that love defies naturally selection
or that the big hearts keep the small hearts thrive?

Maybe I'm wrong,
maybe I'm right
maybe my small heart tripled in size
just knowin' you,
just lovin' you,
my Hannah  Boo...

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