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I see a point and a mountain; I am a drop and a lake. I am a speck and a beast; I cause a quiver, a quake, look close and you will find a place where small is large. In different space the rhythm that the world sustains unfolds and then unfolds again. I saw a tree inside a seed, phi the sky and shells and hives a sky alight a secret world alive. Invisible leaders, invisible laws of two sides; we take none and turn the third way through the wall a thousand times. In a thousandth time a million eyes see the scions rise a billion sons. Apogee begun a trillion hidden lives, perihelion colored lines and scented signs lead us between what we combine afreet. I see the world with clarity hidden world seen by the third eye, the opulence of a clear blue sky. Heaven's been kind enough to grant us entrance to this enchanted land

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