• Opeth - Melbourne 25/11/2009

    29. Nov. 2009, 5:45 von synultima

    Wed 25 Nov – Opeth, Contrive

    are a band that I had only recently discovered (maybe a year or so) and ever since hearing Watershed I have been dying to see them play live.

    When the tour was announced I quickly snatched up some tickets for Jack and I and ever since have listened to them non-stop; at work, in the car and at home.

    The amount of skill displayed on all of their albums is astonishing, so both Jack and I agreed that they’d probably be able to “do it live”.

    We weren’t let down at all.

    They opened with Windowpane, one of their slower, softer songs from the almost completely acoustic album Damnation. The crowd loved it and sang along all the way through.

    After a quick “hello” Mikael Åkerfeldt launched straight into Ghost of Perdition, a song that bounces between heavy and soft, brutal and delicate. This is one of their “hits” and it was magnificent to see the crowd get so involved.

    The whole night was a bit of a blur…
  • A Grand Conjuration of Metal in Columbus: Enslaved and Opeth

    1. Jun. 2009, 5:11 von sablespecter

    Sat 23 May – Opeth, Enslaved

    After seeing Opeth last fall, I was even more stoked to see them this time around, since they are touring with Norway's Enslaved, a progressive black metal band that I have never seen live. The timing was a mixed blessing coming over Memorial Day weekend, but the weather was great for a road trip for three dudes from Cleveland.

    I had never been to the Newport Music Hall before. It's practically right on campus of The Ohio State University since it's on the east side of High Street (hadn't actually been anywhere in High Street since all those party road trips back in the undergrad days...) A beautiful Saturday night of a holiday weekend on High Street at Ohio State when classes aren't yet out? Well, that's a decent environment anyway! Add a show by two awesome bands and there really wasn't a better way to spend a Saturday. Maybe a little too fun in the opinion of some people, since a hellfire & brimstone street preacher began assailing us the moment the door of the hall opened.