Fantaisie Impromptu (4:27)

Cover von Moog Rock

Aus Moog Rock und 6 anderen Veröffentlichungen

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  • andulas48

    Impromptu no4 in c sharp minor op 66.....

    10. Mär. 2014 Antworten
  • Drazba

    true-----giancare's photo is awe inspiring

    4. Okt. 2012 Antworten
  • threeinoneoil

    Perhaps their too busy listening to the music to be pedantic.

    3. Jun. 2011 Antworten
  • underratedkids

    ugh wrong spelling, yet no one has commented on the correct title of the piece...

    30. Apr. 2011 Antworten
  • oleeo

    I was going to write a poignant yet whimsical bon mot here just to get attention but yet somehow lost my train of thought after my eyes landed on giancare's avatar of a bloated naked body that's standing in the half light. Does anything else matter after that?

    17. Okt. 2010 Antworten
  • Deefoxy

    Never ceases to amaze me... BRAVISSIMO!

    16. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • LilCactus7

    omg swoon!!!

    3. Jun. 2010 Antworten
  • JPGarcia

    Impressive...pure perfection :)

    14. Mai. 2010 Antworten
  • Deefoxy

    This is the perfect example of the very thin line that borders genius and insanity... How do the mere mortal may comprehend the amount of emotion, thought, instinct, science and oh so many things that might go into this incredible process of composing such an elaborate piece of music and still manage to sound and seem so effortless... Definitely a divine and holy gift.

    17. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • Nillarz

    definitely my favorite piece by him

    17. Apr. 2010 Antworten
  • HellMina

    This will always be one of the most amazing classical piano pieces ever created, Chopin just composed piano so effing well! Not to mention you have to be some kind of prodigy to play a piece like this, there's so much going on and to have such a complex array of sound using a single instrument just... wow

    23. Mär. 2010 Antworten
  • abbyrhode6770

    I'd cut off my right arm to be able to play this... but I guess that wouldn't do any good...

    22. Mär. 2010 Antworten
  • angedesang

    Perfection awesome wish I could play this man sooooooo bad.....

    21. Mär. 2010 Antworten
  • satinbox

    ...and then rolling out.

    25. Jul. 2009 Antworten
  • satinbox

    Like grand, majestic waves crashing in.

    24. Jul. 2009 Antworten
  • satinbox


    24. Jul. 2009 Antworten
  • satinbox

    This piece is absolutely reeling.

    14. Jul. 2009 Antworten
  • krapeve

    i love chopin. not only for his unimaginable skills as a pianinst but bc my brother always used to play this at home. nostalgia.

    15. Jun. 2009 Antworten
  • PaintingTheSky

    no words to describe a genius like him.

    23. Mai. 2009 Antworten
  • Mellist

    Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu makes existence so much more valuable. Just listening could be my sole raison d'être!

    22. Apr. 2009 Antworten
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