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Foesum is an American hip hop group, originally called Perfection with members such as Foesum, Wayniac from the Twinz, and Domino. They eventually went their separate ways and Foesum was last to do their debut album, Perfection. Perfection was released October 22, 1996.

In 1986, DJ Glaze and MNMsta created a DJ group called „Perfection“ and recruited members from their high school. The next three years „Perfection“ as a DJ group rocked many school dances, weddings, and backyard boogies. By 1989, Perfection recruited close to a dozen members. Towards the end of Perfection’s senior year, the group decided they wanted to produce their own rap record. Travvy Trav, one of the oldest members of the group went on a search for the dopest MC in Long Beach. Back then, it was a dude named Domino.

Perfection recruited Domino and pitched in on the purchase of a Roland 808 drum machine to start making demos with the intention of getting a record deal. Dozens of songs were cut and members Tender D and Mellow D (now known as The Twinz) were brought into the group by T-Dubb and Travvy Trav, who are in real life, first cousins. After many disappointments and some personality conflicts, Domino stepped from the group leaving Perfection to fend for themselves. This sparked a collaboration with fellow eastsider Snoop Doggy Dogg called „‘Let Em Understand Perfection“ on a compilation album called „Please Pass The Mic“ which was a diss track aimed at Domino for leaving. This explains the line by Snoop in Dr. Dre’s Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang, „Perfection is perfected, so I let em understand.“




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