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Fagget Fairys


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Electro / Techno / Other from CPH & Fairyland, Hovedstaden Denmark

Fagget Fairys is the story of the 20 year old Ena, who after a brief meeting at the Copenhagen nightclub, Vega- fell hard for the DJ, Carla Cammilla Hjort aka DJ Sensimilla, ten years her senior. She fell so hard in fact, that in an attempt to impress, she to stage dived from the DJ booth right onto a beer bottle, leading to 15 stitches and a busted knee.

At the time, Carla Cammilla was already in a relationship, and Ena’s muslim upbringing remained a limiting factor in her life. But neither their love, nor their music, could be denied- and two years after the fateful evening at Vega, they are engaged to be married, and ready with their smash debut full length album, Feed The Horse, recorded and produced in New York City with Grammy award-winning Rasmus Bille Bahncke (aka Popdaddy) as lead producer.

Bahncke, whose resume includes production work and songwriting for Doctor John, Backstreet Boys and Shaznay Lewis of UK supergroup All Saints first discovered Fagget Fairys at a gig at The Knitting Factory NY. Blown by the hardcore bouncy sets and energetic performance by the two girls Bahncke suggested a studio session. Two days later the single ‘Feed The Horse’ was put to tape marking the beginning of a dysfunctional musical journey for the three.




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