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    13. Jan. 2007, 23:07 von Levella

    Hah I am babysitting and I have nothing to do (except for knitting and reading, which I will do later this night) besides surfing the internet, staring at my screen and waiting for it to do nice tricks. Yay I am bored and I am a super star in making weird sentences that are hard to read, probably.

    So, sitting here, contemplating life, music, friendship and whatsmore, I found out that I have troubles with organizing my musical taste. (I already know what Indie is though!) I came across some topic in some forum of some group, where people listed their 5 favorite songs all time, and their 5 favorite songs at the moment. I wanted to reply, somehow thinking that my lists would just slip out onto the screen... tough luck. But now my mind is experiencing this quietness of a night without music (which totally sucks) I may be able to think of my top 5 lists, because I have nothing better to do anyway.


    Top 5 favorite songs All Time:
    1. Piano Man
    2. Hotel California
  • Coool

    12. Feb. 2006, 0:08 von kao-

    Löysin tämän TheBigX:n Last.fm -journalista. Kyseessä on siis eräänlainen musiikintoisto-ohjelman statistiikka/katsaus/inventaario.. whatever. :p (Minulla siis Winampin). Tehkää muutkin tämä!

    Total playtime: 11:19:58:14 (eli 11 päivää, 19 tuntia, 58 minuuttia, 14 sekuntia)
    Total discspace: 20,46 GB

    Sort by song title:
    - First Song: (Don't Fear) The Reaper
    - Last Song: Över gränsen

    Sort by length:
    - Shortest Song: Utena OST - Subtitle (0:10)
    - Longest Song: Atom Heart Mother Suite (23:33) -- lisäksi minulla on parin albumin biisit yhteenmiksattuina, ja nämä miksaukset ovat tietenkin aika hemmetin pitkiä: DJ Mark Farina - Shades of Blu (75:26) sekä Queer as Folk - Second Season Mix (57:49)

    Sort by album:
    - First Song: Njosnavelin (Nothing Song), albumilta "()" -- Ensimmäinen, johon olen albumin merkinnyt
    - Last Song: Katt över taken, sinkulta "Åt samma håll"

    First five songs that come up on Shuffle:
    * Stripped
    * Get on the Floor
    * King Creole