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  • norvegicvs

    Be quiet cursed wolf for the sinners bark

    September 2014
  • alfakir

    sublime II

    November 2012
  • alice_simkins

    oh my

    Mai 2012
  • _ebb_


    Juli 2011
  • spreadblood4

    fuck this is amazing

    Mai 2011
  • Krmgtsm7

    excellent song but during the end part i find my self singing "we come 1" by "faithless" lol

    April 2011
  • milann89

    It's an extremely dark take on 'Crown of Love' by Arcade Fire with the last minute disco. Great one.

    April 2011
  • OrekOne

    Damn, the ending of this song is sooo good!

    März 2011
  • Augustav

    it's aaaaaaaaall about the first part. ;)

    März 2011
  • gunslingerdarko

    I absolutely adore this one!

    März 2011
  • Welshgirl32

    It's aaaaaall about that second part.

    Februar 2011
  • rizzenvrinn

    holy fuck

    Januar 2011
  • olau_

    woah fuck

    März 2010