When God Was Sleeping (3:16)

Cover von Phoenix

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I got you little sucker
you’re about to meet your maker
be ready to pay your dues
you stick to nothing
now I’m the one to coffin
you six feet underground
yesterday’s friend tomorrow’s enemy
when you’re around I begin to freeze

hey hey hey hey - take a last glimpse of me
hey hey hey hey - to eternity

I’m sick and tired of your sleazy and shady campaigns
your dubious moves are driving me insane
I know you know she knows your mommy knows when god was sleeping

you were spawned from hell

I caught you with your pants down
the blood still on your hands
now I’m gonna weed you out
you’ve never had a selfless thought since you little prick were born
you abused my trust in the worst way
you dispirit me
you left an evil scar
bad weeds grow tall
you’re gonna reap what you sow

you’re the devil - you dispirit me

I got you little sucker
you’re about to meet your maker
now you’re gonna burn gonna burn
your selfish world comes crushing down
I’ll fuck you till you love me


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