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Mubarik Gyenne Adams (born December 18, 1991 in Montreal, Quebec), better known as Emay, is a music producer and rapper. Mubarik currently lives in Hamilton, ON, Canada.

Emay first approached the music world with his remix project entitled A.D.D. (Altered Dynamic Dimensions) in 2008, which created some buzz throughout blogs and forums on the internet. In late 2009 he released his first official single Child (Refugee) which received a lot of positive critique. On February 23rd, 2010, Emay released an EP entitled Sounds Like with dutch producer Ivan Ice. Sounds Like received positive critique while circulating the internet on various websites.

On April 26th 2010, Emay released one of his his most notable releases entitled Emay, Karen O, and the Kids. Emay, Karen O, and the Kids is an instrumental album based off of the book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. That instrumental project was unique from the rest of his releases because he only used samples from the soundtrack of the movie based off of the book. The release of this project allowed him to experiment, and expand his fan base to a wider range of listeners.

On July 2010, Emay, EOM, and remot released a remix project under the name RockPaperScissors in order to introduce themselves as a collective.

On January 18th, 2011, Emay released Mind Altering Dynamics, which is a mini LP completely produced and written by himself. The EP consists of features from Stephaloo and Lowell Boland. He released another EP on February 25th, 2011, entitled Incorruptible. This EP was also written and produced by him, and contained features from Evan Abeele, and optimist park.




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