Calvary Song (5:13)

Cover von False Cathedrals

Aus False Cathedrals

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simple seams with single lines that operate with poised precision. we'll orchestrate and bend with time and all the strings will fade with fury. laced with light, all divine the angels sing what is rippled runs in circles all combined which bleeds the seams of sin and sanctity. and we'll lay low till it's close to call, we'll search to sever the calvary song. wel'l look for signs of flashing lights, we'll search to sever the calvary. send down circles that won't subside. in reverence we search to find these compact people with sloped designs. we slip on in and learn to drive these slimmed down people with molded lines. we shape and bend, we modify amorphic people are soon defined. (lay it over lay it on) we'll search and sever the calvary song.

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