The sound of ECLIPTICA is defined in their musical roots, to point out the classical heavy metal of the 80ies as well as rhythm progressive elements from all decades. The main character of ECLIPTICA’s music is basically Power Metal, influenced by the sound of Queen, Maiden and Metallica not to name the mass of bands raised in the power metal genre of the last 10 years. ECLIPTICA’s song writing is situated between classical style features and the use of material from other genres.

ECLIPTICA was founded originally as a solo project by Markus Winkler, since mid 2005 with constant line up. In December 2006 Ecliptica had their debut in front of 400 maniacs supporting DEAD SOUL TRIBE. In April 2007 Ecliptica successfully released their Debut-EP “The Awakening” and presented it in front of 500 people at Planet Music Vienna. In Spring/Summer 2007 ECLITPICA won the “Metal Battle Austria 2007” Contest and therefore played a set at the world famous “WACKEN OPEN AIR” in Germany. They also got their chance to play at the biggest festival in Europe Donauinselfest 2007 and did their first show band acting at the Austrian BIG BROTHER AWARDS. Not to forget the support slot for the major US-Prog Metal gods SYMPHONY X. November 2007: After a Club tour Evelin Pieler quit the band and has been replaced by Elisabeth Fangmeyer. In January 2008 the band entered “Hinterhof Studios Vienna” to record their first full length album “IMPETUS”, which will be released in Austria and Germany on 17th May 2008. The release party for IMPETUS happened again at PLANET MUSIC Vienna in front of 500 people. After that Ecliptica played the Corinthian Festival “Strawberry Fields” and on July, 11th they opened the Vienna Show of IN EXTREMO, in front of 2000 people, very successfully. In September 2008 Bernie Scholz (guitar) and Elisabeth Fangmeyer (female vocals) left ECLIPTICA due to personal reasons. Van Alen followed on the guitar position; the female singer was not replaced for that moment. October 2008 Ecliptica were signed by the Italian label FRONTIERS RECORDS to release their debut album IMPETUS worldwide. In December 2008 IMPETUS was released in Europe and Australia and in February 2009 IMPETUS was released in Japan. Bass player Florian Thuer quit the band due to personal and private reasons. In May 2009 ECLIPTICA presented Maria Melendez and Sandra Urbanek as new female singers and Alexander Basstard, who already recorded the Awakening EP with Ecliptica, as new bass player.

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