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Eater! You gotta fucking love’em….you gotta hate them the lucky bastards! Mark P called them ‘totally devoid of musical ideas’. John Savage, journalist of the time, summed them up as ‘Youth by itself is not enough’. What do they know? Eater called Johnny Rotten ‘too old’. That’s about right… Average age 16, chicks, rock’n’roll, part of the greatest musical era ever, and a fistful of songs to stand the test of punk time. Yeah!, Roxy club, punkettes, sweaty tours and a whole heap of cool youth rebellion while thinking of the USA.

You want punk? Check these boys out…this ain’t no sanitized boy band…bands like that don’t sing ‘Get Raped’ or talk about having ‘No Brains’. This is the real thing. Real vintage punk. No Seditionaries posing in expensive threads. Just off the streets, straight outta school, punk rock ’n’ roll in its rawest form.

They could have been contenders or could they?…What if Eater had been signed to a major? They had the songs, look and ability to develop…so many ifs and maybes but at the end of the day one fact remains: They left behind a string of classic punk singles and a classic punk album. Their place in history is confirmed and this is it!

Paul@Punk77 Aug 2004




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