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  • Thero151

    Love it when the bass kicks in

    Januar 2014
  • luistua

    Yes. I have the CD and they give credit to Sakamoto.

    September 2012
  • Nullachtfunfzeh

    I just saw the nineties film "Snake Eyes" again and was completely surprised when the soothing first part of this song suddenly appeared in the film. Doves is one of my favorite bands so it was a pleasant surprise. Seems like Doves sampled this part of the song from the soundtrack and its composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Here is the original:

    Februar 2012
  • portishphonic

    Reminds me of Zero 7 and that is a very good thing. Lovely song.

    Februar 2011
  • RockHardChest

    One of the greatest songs ever composed by a band

    Februar 2011
  • Allan_Oroz

    I really think this song is a masterpiece. My favorite of Doves.

    Dezember 2010
  • Steelsmasher

    Love it when the bass kicks in

    Dezember 2010
  • LRPohlmann

    oh yeah, man "Rain Song" of 00's

    Oktober 2010
  • infinite_zero

    Perfect rainy day song?

    August 2009
  • D-I-N

    Such an awesome song - caught this at the V festival a few years ago as the sun was going down, simply amazing.

    März 2009
  • Salitre_48

    Que temazo, impresionante.

    Februar 2009
  • thisisbagley

    It's so Zero-7-ish! ;)

    November 2008
  • juankysmith

    the bass is really good!

    Oktober 2008
  • Cabycab

    Aw man, that harmonica is chilling. Love it!

    September 2008
  • haroldplusnoise

    atmospheric, ethereal, breathtaking, when I listen it i feel like I'm in outer space.. clearly one of the best songs of this AMAZING band. I love it

    August 2008
  • skifiend86

    This sounds really great, how are they not more popular than they are?

    August 2008
  • cynavarro

    feels like listening to Radiohead. cool!

    Juli 2008
  • begonoa

    it´s a great song

    Juni 2008
  • happypotatoe

    They sound like a snake drinking champagne

    Mai 2008
  • flying-saucer

    mmmmm......great song...

    Mai 2008
  • denfitz listened to their radio and they brought me to this song - amazing

    April 2008
  • linklaterawake

    lol there's a manchester just east of where I live- unfortunately not the same one

    Februar 2008
  • elitejay

    awesome band

    Februar 2008
  • urbanrockergirl

    <3 like a poem

    Januar 2008
  • Blauflausch

    if Elbow are the better Coldplay, then Doves are the better Oasis ;-) Beautiful track, here I even like the vocals of Andy...(I usually prefer Jimi's)

    Januar 2008
  • ValenVitols

    Love it! Just love it!

    Januar 2008
  • haroldplusnoise

    one of the most beautiful songs ever composed

    Dezember 2007

    that harmonica kills

    Juli 2007
  • Blessedheart

    I love this one, very cinematic.

    Juni 2006