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Nick Barber (born August 31, 1968), better known by the stage name Doof,[1] is a London-based psychedelic trance musician.

Doof’s first official release was in 1993 with NovaMute, the dance label run by Mute Records, a 3-track EP titled „Disposable Hymns to the Infinite“.[1] It was through Novamute label-mates Juno Reactor and Ben Watkins that Doof was first introduced to producer Youth (of Killing Joke/ Brilliant), Simon Posford, also known as Hallucinogen, and the Dragonfly Records label.

Doof went on to release „Double Dragons“ as a 12“ with Dragonfly in 1994, and to produce a series of tracks in partnership with Simon Posford, including „Let’s Turn On“, „Born Again“ and „Angelic Particles“.[1] It was through his friendship with Simon Posford that Doof was introduced to Raja Ram (Shpongle/The Infinity Project/Quintessence) who later that year would start the highly influential trance label T.I.P Records. Doof’s „Let’s Turn On“ (co-produced with Simon Posford) became the second ever T.I.P 12“ release. This was followed in 1995 by another 12“ for T.I.P (Angelina/Weird Karma), the Born Again EP on Matsuri and another 12“ for Dragonfly („Youth of the Galaxy“). 1995 also saw numerous Doof remixes, including tracks by Hallucinogen and The Infinity Project.

In 1996 the first Doof album Let’s Turn On was released on T.I.P. Records,[1] and went on to become one of the defining albums of the early psy-trance sound. It was subsequently re-released in 2000 by Twisted Records, who also released the second Doof album It’s About Time the same year.




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