• Nerdcore Now 2010 Awards: Vote Now While You Still Can!

    22. Jan. 2011, 22:44 von VeXHarbinger

    Vote Now!!

    We are in the community voting phase of the 2010 Nerdcore Now Awards. You have until Sunday, Jan 30th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time to cast your vote for your favorite artists. If you care about the Nerdcore music scene, then you definitely want to stand up and make your voice heard. Vote Now!!

    Below are the nominees and their respective categories (click the category title to be warped to the voting poll):

    Album of the Year
    "Unlimited" by Doctor Awkward
    Ill Ron Hubbard” by Kabuto the Python
    "MC Horse Rides Again!" by The Grammar Club
    "Greyscale” by Navi
    Zero Day” by MC Frontalot
    Compendium of Knowledge” by XOC

    Best New Artist
    Young Stroke
    Soup or Villainz
    You Suck

    Most Improved Artist
    Kabuto the Python
    MC Wreckshin

    Best Nerdcore Video
    The Bender- Schaffer the Darklord
    The Link - YTCracker/Doctor Octoroc (Director)
    Spoiler Alert - MC Frontalot
  • Nobuooo February '10 - Highest Voted Items

    9. Mär. 2010, 16:53 von jeriaska

    The Nobuooo news website takes a look at the most read, voted and tweeted items for February 2010.

    This past month Garry Schyman scored BioShock 2, a soundtrack album was announced for ThatGameCompany's Flower, Akira Yamaoka joined Grasshopper Manufacture, and the Korg DS-10 Plus software debuted.

    These are a selection of items from 2.10.


    Fan-Fueled Retro Game Revival - Comic Market 77

    Comiket attracts hundreds of thousands of amateur artists from all over Japan. This GameSetWatch report takes a look at the remixed videogame music of Comic Market 77, including interviews with the participants.


    Flower soundtrack announced

    Coming soon, That Game Company will be releasing the original soundtrack for Flower composed by Vincent Diamante. The soundtrack has been remastered and mixed specifically for the release, and more details will be announced in the near future on the official Playstation Blog.


  • April '09 - Nobuooo's Highest Voted Stories

    16. Mai. 2009, 9:48 von jeriaska

    Here is a selection from among the highest voted and most read news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during the month of April 2009. Find out what people voted for and commented on during what T.S. Eliot famously dubbed "the cruellest month."

    April was not so cruel a month for Nobuooo, as it turned out. The 4.09 Video Update featured game designers and musicians Baiyon, Chris Schlarb, Nifflas and Alexander Porechnov. Posted to vimeo, the episode was a massive 15-minutes in length and attracted a record number of views. In addition, over 1200 readers joined the Nobuooo twitter feed to keep up with the latest developments in videogame music.

    It was a great month for posts as well. Music videos for Plants vs. Zombies and Goldeneye glitch edition made for some laugh-out-loud funny moments. News of Silent Hill Shattered Memories and 8-bit FM web radio added to the excitement. Here are some of the most popular news items of the month, ranging from music samples, interviews, to VGM-related news. …
  • Nobuooo 1.09 Top Stories

    8. Apr. 2009, 5:18 von jeriaska

    Here is a selection from among the highest rated and most viewed news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during the month of January 2009. Find out what people voted for, commented on, and tuned into at the very beginning of the year.

    In January there was a vote for the best music of 2008, a video documentary of 8-Bit Jesus, Higher Plain Music and Tenchu 4, the first samples from Final Fantasy XIII, and a Super Mario stage production featuring a cameo by Barack Obama. There were also interviews, free soundtrack downloads, and samples of upcoming game albums.


    Nobuooo 1.09: The Perfect High

    Delayed but not forgotten, for the January installment of the Nobuooo video series, Doctor Octoroc describes the process behind creating his acclaimed holiday chiptunes album 8-Bit Jesus, Sitorimon of Higher Plain Music provides an overview of his site's interview with SimAnimals composer Winifred Phillips, and Jeriaska provides another perspective on Noriyuki Asakura's score for Tenchu 4.