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Djinji Brown


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Djinji Brown (the ‘D’ is silent) grew up in the harsh neighborhoods of the Bronx, New York. As a youth, Djinji traveled around the world with his father, avant-garde saxophonist, Marion Brown, who is described as an „Ethnomusicologist“. As a result of his study and exposure to worldly and exotic instruments and the music of different cultures, Djinji grew to love and appreciate other musical genres. Djinji credits his love for worldly music to the teachings of his father, but also credits his love and respect for other cultures, in general, to his mother: a student of anthropology and a lover of salsa. Living in the Bronx exposed Djinji to the hip- hop culture that not only encompassed the music but also the arts of graffiti and break dancing. However, in the late eighties, Djinji was also intrigued with hard rock and joined New York hardcore band, Absolution as the group’s front man. Later on, the band broke up and went their separate ways.

Djinji headed the hip-hop route and was apprentice to Public Enemy producer, Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler and worked with such artists as Pete Rock and CL Smooth, A Tribe Called Quest, Cassandra Wilson, Barrington Levy and a host of others. Djinji’s first major production gig was the debut album for famed freestyle emcee, Supernatural. When the album was finally completed, entirely produced by Djinji, it was shelved by the record label and never came out. Since then, Djinji has worked with the Jungle Brothers, David Byrne, and a slew of underground rappers and poets.



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