Thunderheads (4:19)

Cover von Thank Heavens for Dale Evans

Aus Thank Heavens for Dale Evans

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The kids are playing in the sand Supper's on the table and there's promise in the sky And my hair is nearly dry You're not praying, so I do You're out there on your ginger mare Not so much a prayer for rain But a desperate prayer for you Like a heartless lover's lie Thunderheads blow across the mesa Thunderheads across the mountains As another dream goes by They glow like clouds from heaven But the devil has to have his way Thunderheads will bring you to your knees And make you pray for a rainy day I know you can't admit it That you've lost and nature's won Across the dying sun That thunderheads will blow away So don't try to tell me darling How your heart's lost to the land I don't need your explanations I just want to hold your hand When it rains the dust will die We'll listen to the music on the roof We'll laugh again and love And we'll lie upon the sheets And fall asleep Just like the years when we had rain Then you'll feel the need to let me Near your heart again

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