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  • kymai4

    Damn, so fcking insane. My favourite song. So underrated, this is one of Disturbed's best. [5]

    letzten Monat
  • Kayoss1

    So underrated, this is one of Disturbed's best. [4]

    Dezember 2014
  • tygergurl72

    Tell me ya like it!!!!!

    April 2014
  • Stormwatch1986

    This is True metal

    Februar 2013
  • megadave70

    Great song!!!

    November 2012
  • Strelok2500

    This lyrics here are so appropriate since this is the album where they evolved their sound the most. It's a good position to indict the mainstream style of writing with.

    November 2012
  • Stormwatch1986

    Turn it Shake the foundation yeah crank it up

    Juli 2012
  • Blaze-Shadow

    Disturbed is one of the only bands in the world who can produce flawless albums over and over again. (Beside The Lost Children) I loved every single song they have made. This one is no exception. Rock On!!!

    April 2012
  • davidbowiegirl

    Great song

    März 2012
  • FrostBiter666

    So underrated, this is one of Disturbed's best. [3]

    März 2012
  • Metalfiend11

    Tell me ya like it!!!!!

    Februar 2012
  • blackdanger

    muy buena esta sng! i love it

    Dezember 2011
  • VengeanceZero

    Love that chorus! [x2]

    November 2011
  • Jarppah

    Love that chorus!

    November 2011
  • Blo0dyDude

    So underrated, this is one of Disturbed's best. [2]

    Oktober 2011
  • DivineRazgrize

    maybe ill make my army of humping jims on this page... still great a great song

    Juli 2011
  • DivineRazgrize

    still just as amazing as last time

    Juli 2011
  • xxDeathislifexx

    disturbed is a great band

    Juni 2011
  • my_name_is_what

    I get goosebumps every time i listen to it

    Juni 2011
  • DivineRazgrize

    sons of plunder is a song to live by

    Mai 2011
  • RendingHunter

    This song is from "10,000 Fists". Get it right people!

    Mai 2011
  • Xelestial

    Seen them in concert a couple times, they're amazing :D

    März 2011
  • krissy_slater

    Awesome running on the treadmill at 430am song......... love it!!

    Februar 2011
  • jess_hudzie


    Oktober 2010
  • witekmar

    Give it to me, give it to me!!! I like it ;) My favourite staff from Disturbed

    September 2010
  • GodsmackLover

    Love it! \m/(-_-)\m/

    September 2010
  • Stormwatch1986

    Excellant ASS Kickn Tune

    August 2010
  • asegura9876

    \m/...HELL YEAH...\m/

    August 2010
  • Metalfiend11

    Roll up your sleeves!!!!!

    Juli 2010
  • DanDy57

    So underrated, this is one of Disturbed's best.

    Juli 2010
  • irock50

    amazing song from a awesome band.

    Mai 2010
  • rg_gapa

    fckin gr8

    März 2010
  • ghostchild1979

    It's a shame this band took the absolutely unique and amazing sound they had on The Sickness and turned themselves into a cookie-cutter commercial band.

    Februar 2010
  • Bubbles000

    Found this one on U-tube as a Spidey Tribute with The Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, the true Sons of Plunder. One of Disturbs best.

    Januar 2010
  • Fowlowl

    just 1 of many awesome tracks top band.Keep your Noggin Rockin!!!!

    Dezember 2009
  • disturbedrocka

    this SoNg RoCkS!!!!!!!!!!! disturbed is the best!!!! \m/

    Dezember 2009
  • any_where

    shit,what a song! <3

    September 2009
  • WorldOfEmilyS

    Why did they banned this song from my playlist?

    September 2009
  • NobelNoebbie

    yeah :D

    August 2009
  • InSorrowWeTrust

    All the pimpin' sons of plunder will roll up their sleeves! One of the best songs from Disturbed.

    Juli 2009
  • lisasedge

    Absolutely one of their best!

    Juli 2009
  • WhiteFront

    personally my favourite disturbed song, what a tune!

    Mai 2009
  • rocker42

    its a rockin song!

    April 2009
  • eNegaum

    The correct is 'Sons Of Plunder'... just take a look at the official website and you will find it ;)

    März 2009
  • darkstatus

    best song on ten thousand fists

    März 2009
  • B1axun

    what is it now, "son of a plunder" or "sons of plunder"?

    März 2009
  • ernietheguy

    saw them live a couple of months ago, best concert ever!

    Februar 2009
  • Voodookingmafia

    Disturbed is f*cking awesome!!

    Februar 2009
  • Blake6643

    Disturbed ooooooh is grate and the best

    Februar 2009
  • MusicOfChaos

    That rocks =)

    Februar 2009