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dissolved In tree

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The Band:

Dissolvedin founder Daniel Wright and Stuart Collyer started the band in 2006 after meeting through a mutual friend.
The two of them started writing their first songs and also started searching for the perfect addition to their band.
The guitarist Gary contacted the band by replying to a bulletin on myspace, where Dan and Stuart were looking for the missing parts to form their band and the chemistry was perfect.
Daniel, then contacted Bassist Jamie, who used to play with him in a band called “Tyeburn”.

The band now set to go, they started practicing and recording their first songs, which also included “First Impression” and “Egocentric”.
Soon they started touring, doing over 100 Live Shows, which also included Shows as Support Act for Bands like Killerpilze, Panik, Tokio, Saosin, Tonight is goodbye and Kill the Arcade. The european Fanbase is growing from day to day!
Mid 2007, they also produced their first music video for “Egocentric”, which can be viewed on their official myspace.
Beginning 2008, Dissolvedin finished recording their EP “Proudly Dressed”, which has been released in Spring 2008.
DissolvedIn just returned from their shows in Germany supporting the German Band Killerpilze and also supported Fightstar by winning a competition held by Kerrang Magazine!, Lowlife and Oxjam.
DissolvedIn are currently touring throughout Europe to promote their EP “Proudly Dressed” and will be returning to Germany in July and November 2008 to play again wijt Bands like Killerpilze& Tokio Hotel as a Showcase at the YOU Messe at Berlin.


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