Great Waves (3:29)

Cover von Cinder

Aus Cinder und 3 anderen Veröffentlichungen

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  • Zeropresence

    Everything about this song is perfect. Never gets old.

    1. Nov. 2013 Antworten
  • menyauthe

    Can't decide if I think the vocals were a good idea.

    31. Jul. 2012 Antworten
  • autorretratos

    Well, I love Chan anywhere.

    30. Jul. 2012 Antworten
  • autorretratos

    I love Chan here.

    30. Jul. 2012 Antworten
  • prominence_la


    23. Apr. 2012 Antworten
  • danteruivo666


    22. Sep. 2011 Antworten
  • lilywildchild


    19. Aug. 2011 Antworten
  • hecgutierrez

    jesus fucking christ !! jesus fucking christ!! how I didn't know that this existed?

    27. Apr. 2011 Antworten
  • Zeropresence

    Top five all time, right here. I break into a full swoon every time it comes on.

    8. Mär. 2011 Antworten
  • rhanna

    Best song EVER?

    19. Sep. 2010 Antworten
  • thelgm

    the singer is Cat Power............sorry it took so long for an anwer....which i sure you know by know

    1. Jul. 2010 Antworten
  • fluoromonkey

    Always beautiful.

    23. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • dsaos

    I listened to this song three times last night after not hearing Dirty Three in like three years, then this morning hear it come on KCRW Eclectic24. Weird. And loved.

    13. Jan. 2010 Antworten
  • apegjuapgdjagp

    Last boat, stand in a river; Muddy river, how I love her Hawk flying is fooling his folly Gas hurricanes spray over Heaven Weeping willow is bawling the light On fire. Humans running for cover, Wishing for life, gripping the light House lift up, trees lift up Cars intersect in the middle of the sky. O time before, no pull, no gravity on the ground Givin’ up–it’s over The world’s weight is over The limit Our bodies are exploding As the sky spills through our mouths. All the blue blood is flowing The cities, its contents have been ripped out. The world is gone. Did you know it would last this long? You made it to the dark, now you’re gone. You are gone. Great waves Frozen in a secret space A great big place, Dark-spilling universe.

    15. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • tripouts

    I'll listen to this song when the world comes to an end .

    5. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • soapy_q

    @7x1 -- Thanks!

    24. Sep. 2009 Antworten
  • soapy_q

    Does anyone know who the singer is?

    10. Sep. 2009 Antworten
  • LucaBrasiXL

    pretty smooth, I must say.

    27. Jul. 2009 Antworten
  • KliftonA

    im speechless. this is so unexpected and perfect

    16. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • forkbanger

    This song is my new and most favourite addiction.

    9. Dez. 2008 Antworten
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