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  • Spellbound87

    The atmosphere from ~3:00 until the end is unique

    November 2012
  • kvanderwyk

    I wish this Dimmu still existed

    September 2012
  • davidbowiegirl

    Good song

    Mai 2012
  • Nivelis

    I love both versions, especially second part. DB at their best

    Juni 2011
  • magicrat880

    I noticed a discussion on the title further down, Slashynka and bens0n are both probably correct - Raabjørn/Råbjørn is actually the name of a lake in the forests north of Oslo. Not a well known place, I did not know it before I googled it.

    Mai 2011
  • V4run


    Dezember 2010
  • ArcticWars

    Awesome song...but this must be a remastered version of the original.

    Dezember 2010
  • jambo688

    GREAT SONG !!!

    Oktober 2010
  • unholydeath

    Pure cult!

    März 2010
  • SemiazasRises

    Good one.

    Dezember 2009
  • managatsuo


    Juli 2009
  • sinsforgemaster


    April 2009
  • basschop

    I just came a lil! I wish dimmu would play the older stuff live

    April 2009
  • izaquegouveia

    do caralho esse som

    März 2009
  • bens0n

    Actually, I did some digging on the interwebz and found a translation a while back: Raabjorn (some mythical creature/person) is reflected in the mist of Draugheimen (scary bog/swamp place)

    Februar 2009
  • DouglasN

    What does the song title mean anyway?

    Februar 2009
  • Aeolution

    Love the intro!

    November 2008
  • bens0n

    fav track off EDT.

    Oktober 2008
  • cynmaiden1976


    September 2008
  • mlml77inet3


    September 2008
  • lastbr

    muito boa

    August 2008
  • Dan1_Filth

    By far their best one

    Juli 2008
  • trutteli

    @rsaban: wtf? When did Nightwish sound like this? Tell me and I'll buy that album...

    Juni 2008
  • rsaban

    not that there's anything wrong with that though

    Juni 2008
  • rsaban

    mmm... too nightwishy

    Juni 2008
  • DthKnight`s so cool :D

    April 2008
  • kruku666

    Gothic metal? LOL

    April 2008
  • Fleadubz

    This song fuckin kicks ass...

    Februar 2008