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With its unreal beauty, humanity has chosen its way of stupidity - A masquerade of futility - Under their fear of ugliness, your self-respect gone for your needs - A disgusting deviation accepted by rancid minds - Exchanging sex norms without disgrace; depravity - Dick butchered, mutilated, eviscerated, transformed cunt - Humans boosted with hormones - Hair removed by laser - His cock has been unable to have intercourse because of the phallus he has seen on TV - Women who don't want their clit licked because of porno - Perfect reshaped pussies - Now everybody can be a cover girl - Pictured with a modest touch of computer - Remodelled by technology - Noxious implants, inside your body - Collagen lips, silicon tits - Being thin is your main value - Anorexic suicide caused by a mental illness - Drowned by pathetic stereotypes - Rotten inside for a better outside - Imaging superficiality - Dreaming of a new direction - Aesthetic synonym of artificial appearances - Vile stench of reality - Minds oppressed - Complex of an irregularity - Depressive society running after nothing.

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