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Dennis Ferrer


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Dennis Ferrer Biography
‘Through the trials and tribulations of my life, music has never left me. Never left.’
With such a statement it’s obvious Ferrer’s passion for music is beyond question, and this unquenchable thirst is largely attributable to his childhood: one of his earliest recollections is tinkling the ivories of a toy piano aged four in a soul-and-disco-obsessed NYC household. Another vivid memory is as an eight-year-old, making after-school trips to local record shops to buy rap records, as both his ears and imagination were captured by the birth of hip hop in and around his New York neighbourhood. ‘I was born in 1970 but I’m more a child of the early 1980s and late 1970s onwards: As a kid I remember chic’s Le Freak, and Rapper’s Delight - that was an eye opener,’ he recalls.
He also scoured the Columbia Records catalogue that his parents and aunts would use to purchase their music, and bought records with interesting names, such as the Doobie Brothers, or Kiss because of their striking LP covers. ‘They were great times we listened to Chic, Sugar Hill, Kiss, Rush and AC/DC - everything rolled side by side, there were no genres or the genres were easy listening, rock and soul.’
‘And that’s my approach to music today: I grew up in the whatever age, where you would listen to everything and I’m doing the same thing,’ continues Ferrer. ‘That’s why people are surprised by my variety like if I do a tech thing, or an Afro thing, or a soulful record. That’s the way I grew up. I didn’t listen to one type of music.’




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