• That A to Z thingy

    9. Jan. 2006, 20:26 von 3blue

    Ok most of these will probably end up blank.

    A = Alex Ubago

    B = Backstreet Boys

    C = Cortés

    D = David DeMaría

    E = Elisa

    F = Five

    G = Gemelli Diversi

    H = Hall and Oates

    I =

    J = Julio

    K = Kalimba

    L = Laura Pausini

    M = M.I.A.

    N = Nicky Jam

    O = O-Zone

    P = Pay TV

    Q =

    R = Rammstein

    S = Sky

    T = Thicke

    U =

    V =

    W =

    X =

    Y = Yahir

    Z =

    hmm I had a lot more than I thought I would
  • hmmm yea

    13. Dez. 2005, 19:51 von 3blue

    Ok I apologize to all those (ya know the 7 of you) who read my last entry expecting some great musical filled entry and got my Juve ramblings. lol. But 10 points is a lot for any team.

    But anyway. I don't actually have any music stuff today either. I'm just listening to David Demaria.

    Ummm...cds??? Yea I don't know of any that are coming out.

    Niccolo Fabi is on my list of artists to listen too. I've been listening to Vento D'estate. Would be great to understand it but oh well. But that song is great.

    That's pretty much it, they are working on fixing the storm damage in the house so I have to leave my hole.

  • music music music

    12. Dez. 2005, 0:35 von 3blue

    Nothing happened today but me listening to music so here is basically what I listened too. I know you can read it on the front page, but that's just not fun is it? hehe
    here goes

    (Beth sign up )


    David Demaria

    Ok Editing Now...lol

    JUVENTUS WON!!!!! 4-0 and guess what MILAN Lost!!!! Doesn't that just make you feel good. lol. FORZA JUVENTUS!

    USA and Italia are in the same World Cup group. E. hehe I wish I could say that I'm gonna be full on USA but I know I'm not. I love my beloved Czechs too, Ghana is great as well. But we all know (you probably don't) that Italia is my one and only. Forza Azzurri. I just wanna see Canna. Simply seeing Canna on tv makes my day. I'm wearing his jersey now, at least the one from when he was at Inter (blah, but good for them for winning il derby) Ok

    See the front for my music. basically Juventus- Juve, Un Storia Di Un Grande Amore