• My top 10 favorite musicians.

    8. Jan. 2010, 15:10 von Fenix_7

    I've wanted to do this for quite some time now, but for one reason or another it got delayed till now.

    This is basically a list of my favorite artists, which is obviously subject to constant change as time passes. In addition to the music they make, the other factor that I took in consideration when making this list was how much I liked these people as a "person". Well, the image they have created of themselves actually, as one can't really know how someone is unless they know them personally.

    I don't plan to update this list or anything, but if it'll be subject to a lot of change I'll just post a new one.

    Without further ado, the list:

    #10 John Rzeznik
    I'm not the biggest fan of his band - the Goo Goo Dolls - nor I like the guy very much, but he sang a song that pretty much sums up my teenage years. It's the song used in the 2002 Disney movie Treasure Planet, I'm Still Here. …
  • Russian Circles/Daughters, a show. (sprinkled liberally with assorted miscellany)

    19. Jun. 2008, 19:04 von omestes

    A review of the"Russian Circles/Daughters", because I'm bored.

    First impression, The Clubhouse does all-ages shows much better than usual, either that or this attracted a better crowd than the last all ages show I saw, Tortoise, at the Rhythm Room, which was just an unmitigated mire of suck. This is both because there as some degree of air conditioning, and because they allowed me to be a lush, without being disturbed by puppies (I'm guessing the feeling would be mutual). The only odd thing was that the puppies weren't allowed to leave. As if being under 21 precludes being over 18 (and thus one of the few blessed smokers).

    The first "band", was not a band. It was a guy. I don't know who he was. But he managed to do guitar, drums, and vocals, all on his own, which is impressive. I kept hoping he'd strap a harmonica on (ala Bob Dylan), or maybe bolt a violin to his shoulder, and duct tape the bow to his chin. …
  • Mejorando lo perfecto

    13. Mai. 2008, 16:16 von SilverAnubis

    Si sois muy fans de Tool sabreis de oidas la "leyenda urbana" que hay sobre su disco Lateralus, la cual dice que el orden que tienen las canciones en el disco no es el correcto y uno tiene que buscarlo a partir de las letras de las canciones.

    Pues bien, los fans locos indagaron hasta la ultima nota del disco llegando a la conclusión, a partir de la letra de la cancion homonima Lateralus y de la secuenacia de batería del maniatico de los numeros Danny Carey descubrieron que estaban basados en la Sucesión de Fibonacci. Por lo que, por esta logica, cogemos las trece pistas de este discos ordenandolas por esta sucesión y... ¡voila! un disco que adquiere una nueva logica y sentido convirtiendolo en un nuevo concepto. Los fans lo llamaron entonces The Holy Gift por una frase que se comenta en la canción Parabola.

    Ya lo hice en su día y os aseguro, que acabé escuchando más el disco con este nuevo orden que con el original.

  • biletler elimizde şaraplar belimizde biz gideriz konsere hey!

    11. Sep. 2007, 15:59 von kimrazs

    Fri 7 Sep – Tool

    sahneyi süper görücem diye saat 16:30 gibi kuruçeşme arena'nın önündeydim ama konsere 20:45'te gelenlerin benimle aynı hizada izledikleri görünce pek akıl karı bir iş olmadığını anladım.

    yaş ortalamasının çok düşük olacağını zannetmiyordum ama öküzlük sadece ergenlere özgü değilmiş. tool konserine elitler gider diye düşünmüştüm ama herkez bedava ekmek kuyruğundakiler gibiydi.

    duyduğuma göre israil'den gelenlere karşı bizden bir ekip de filistin bayrağını açmış. pek bir olay görmedik, müziğin herkesi birleştirdiğine dair bir örnek olabilirdi ama öyle bir sinerji çıkacağını da zannetmiyordum.

    saat 21:00'u yarım saat geçtiğinde ben sabırsızlıktan ölüyordum. "millet yuhalamaya başlar" diye düşündüm, The Number of the Beast beni kesmemişti (onun dışında çalan şarkılar gerçekten alakasızdı)

    sonra tool çıktı ve zevkten dört köşe oldum. tüm şarkılara olabildiğince eşlik etmeye çalıştım. bi dahaki sefere öyle bişey yapmıycam, adam gibi izleyeceğim sanırım.
  • VOLTO! (8/2/07)

    3. Aug. 2007, 23:00 von threat

    VOLTO! were awesome last night, despite the fact that I left with a 1 1/2" gash on my forehead from some dipshit throwing a bottle at my head, haha

    ANYHOW. Here's the Danny Carey from Tool eyecandy:




    More later. With, like, the rest of the band and stuff too. Haha ;p
  • Three Days Grace - July 2, 2007, Astro Hall, Harajuku Tokyo

    2. Jul. 2007, 13:58 von emicom

  • The Seven - Interview

    23. Feb. 2007, 9:16 von Dasr

    The Seven is the brainchild of musician, songwriter and producer Kevin A. Smith. The Seven's eclectic sound takes inspiration from many artists who step outside of the box. Like them, Kevin Smith takes delight in all music, pushing at the boundaries of what is perceived to be possible.

    Breaking away from the expected, The Seven take us on a wonderful musical journey. An exploration into Metal, Rock, Jazz, Classical music, and anything else that Kevin Smith finds inspiring. I recently talked to Kevin about The Seven's history, and the new album Unsatisfied, to be released mid-summer 2007.

    Please introduce yourself, and what CD is in your CD player right now?

    My name is Kevin A. Smith... 38 years old, married to my best friend Heather, father of Annabelle. In my CD player right now is the album Aerial View, by Gamalon, killer jazz-rock fusion that hit me like a brick in the head the first time I heard it in 1990. My buddy Christian sent me a promo cassette of the album and I popped…
  • VOLTO! at the Knitting Factory - January 13, 2007

    23. Jan. 2007, 3:02 von megascargot

    Sat 13 Jan – VOLTO!

    Saturday of last week, I also went to the Knitting Factory for yet another show from VOLTO!, the super-group featuring Danny Carey, the drummer from Tool.

    I have seen this band a bunch of times at this club now, as they put consistently good shows, even though they often play the same songs and have yet to put together their first album.

    The Michael Landau Group was opening for them this time, but unfortunately we got there late and missed their set, arriving just as they were starting to pack up. I have seen them opening for Volto before, and they are a really good band.

    This was the first time I saw them after having had a personal chat with their guitarist, John Ziegler a few weeks ago in Burbank at the Gps show.

    Once again, their keyboard player and lead vocalist, Kirk Covington (of Tribal Tech fame), had brought in his drum kit, and there were quite a few impressive drum duels between him and Danny. …
  • Mastadon & Tool at London's Wembley Arena 27 November: Review

    28. Nov. 2006, 11:01 von msfliss

    I was lucky enough to get to see Tool in concert for the second time this year. You can read my review of the June concert here if interested.

    They were playing Wembley Arena, which is a much larger venue than the Hammersmith Apollo, in line with rumours that this leg of the tour was going to be "bigger" and "showier". Mastadon was the opening act - not really my cup of tea, but they had moments. And their beards crack me up - they seem like a bunch of college boys from the mid-west of America who decided to make a death metal band or something. And if I misclassified their metal genre, forgive me - I'm not a metalhead. Perhaps the best thing about Mastadon was their screen - it was a cloth banner with their name at the top and an image I found reminiscent of the artwork on Lateralus, with a figure in partial profile. They had contructed it in a way that it changed colours dramatically depending on the lights shining on it. Very nifty trick for a low-budget backdrop.
  • ISIS / Tool @ the Nassau Coliseum [10/07/06]

    8. Okt. 2006, 20:57 von xthroughmyeyesx

    Where the fuck to begin? We got to the venue before Isis had started to play to, y'know, kick off the festivities with celebratory bowls and the lot. I ran into the whole world and then some, but on to the concert.

    Isis had started before I had gotten to my seat, they were only midway through the first song but holy FUCKING shit... their sound completely entranced me and I couldn't help but move along with the music and I swear it when I say I had an out-of-body experience. Their sound translated over to the big arena scene very successfully and their approach to writing music and playing it live captured me once again as they'd quickly become one of my favorite studio bands, and finally getting to see them live just set the fact in stone.

    They played a four song set, which when dealing with epic / terms equates to about a half an hour. There's only so much I could say, but seriously - I cannot wait 'til they come around again some time. If you ever get the chance, do not even think twice. …