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  • skitchuk

    Suggest a correction: Dan Balan

    letzten Monat
  • wierzynska

    Oh. Just realized he's saying "They call me crazy looohooohoohoop" instead of "They call me crazy ooooooooooo". [2]

    Februar 2015
  • Hakubi

    Still need MOAR.

    September 2013
  • voicestrings

    Oh. Just realized he's saying "They call me crazy looohooohoohoop" instead of "They call me crazy ooooooooooo".

    Oktober 2012
  • spaceBass13

    Gotta, gotta be crazy!

    Juni 2012
  • top20fanatico

    They call me crazy looohooohoohoop! [2] :p

    Januar 2012
  • callmeyou

    Yay yay yay!

    November 2011
  • Soldier_of_doom

    Muzica de homosexuali

    August 2011
  • filoglutek

    Can you guys recommend me some good romanian music? Shout me please :)

    August 2011
  • Aartmusic

    They call me crazy looohooohoohoop!

    Februar 2011
  • top20fanatico

    I need another Crazy Loop album! [2] Pleeeeeeease! *------*

    Oktober 2010
  • gio13w


    September 2010
  • daftperson


    September 2010
  • Morlokz

    The 24th letter <3

    September 2010
  • CascadaX

    I need another Crazy Loop album! Must. Have. Fix.

    Juli 2010
  • DjValbonne

    Îmi place mult muzica sa, dar când cânt LIVE... I like his music a lot, but when he sings LIVE... >.< He is off-key :S

    Juli 2010
  • Xelias11

    So crazy music..I love it!

    Juni 2010
  • Hakubi

    We need MOAR.

    Mai 2010
  • forizfern


    April 2010
  • Suzakuxchan

    @gejm Scat? Ciekawe masz upodobania...

    April 2010
  • gejm


    März 2010
  • cardcaptorstace

    Another album please and another Japanese track would be awesome!!

    Februar 2010
  • natural-a

    one of the retarded imitation of singers ever :)

    Januar 2010
  • Ch3Pzzz

    lol.... makes me laugh everytime I listen to the song :P makes my mood go mm ma ma.... :-)

    Januar 2010
  • AshleeStar

    Uh-Ahh-Yeah <3

    Dezember 2009
  • BetiiiBu

    Chica Boomb !

    Dezember 2009
  • MaPKu-3A

    Good boy ^^

    November 2009
  • Vicky_McCartney


    Oktober 2009
  • thunder__

    ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma

    Oktober 2009
  • Blade_Saoki

    Newly discovered, and I already like it.

    September 2009
  • Thierree2

    I like it :D

    September 2009
  • Furik

    Wonder if he'll ever release a new album.

    August 2009
  • weinende_engel

    I love him! Dan Balan is God :D

    August 2009
  • rethebe

    Love this guy a lot! His musics are great like him...

    Juli 2009
  • jacoo90

    ale on jest krejzi

    Juni 2009
  • jokeyboo23456

    i am totaly crazy loops #1 fan i wish he could have a concert here in america and if he did i would spred the word and every one would know.......YOU ROCK CRAZY LOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Juni 2009
  • jokeyboo23456

    Crazy loop iz AMAZINGGGGG i am totaly hiz #1 fan!!!! i alwayz listen 2 all of his songs cause they are all amazing!!! and i wish he could peform a concert in america ne day cause i would definately go

    Juni 2009
  • HenrrryForHire

    Does anyone else think there's a really morbid, jaded undercurrent in the lyrics to Mm Ma Ma and Johanna?

    Mai 2009
  • Nighthawk42493

    they call me crazy..... looooooooooooooooop. LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mai 2009
  • DeaDoro

    классно!спасибо Crazy Loop за классное настроение)

    April 2009
  • lightweight2

    ouzoun :-DDDDDDDD

    April 2009
  • x_McKola_x


    April 2009
  • iza54

    i like it

    März 2009
  • pepsi0801

    Shit :P

    März 2009
  • sipporah

    crazy guy

    Februar 2009
  • julis07

    Crazy loop is crazy...but nice...:)

    Februar 2009
  • Loving___Memory

    Mm-Ma-Ma <3!

    Januar 2009
  • A_Peach

    Я начал писать про него кое-что... Помогите сделать полную статью...

    Januar 2009
  • Funk-Y-

    Меня радует этот исполнитель! +1up

    Januar 2009
  • blackfeet


    Januar 2009