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Colonel Red


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‘Confidence is the keyword for letting go of the constraints that inhibit us from true expression’. This Redz has learnt on an undulating journey that has taken him from his Birmingham birthplace, the second of four sons born to a Jamaican father and an English mother in the 60’s, to the independent artist he is today.

In an atmosphere of racial unrest that had him ‘locked up’ at the age of 15,he emerged inspired by the rich music culture he grew up with & combined with Rastafarian philosophy saw a young rude boy Redz sporting a natty Afro as he began to develop his craft. Redz first experience of the industry ‘and flying’ was being whisked off to the US in business class in the 90’s on a major record deal whirlwind and extensive radio tour. A far cry from a later complete reinvention as an independent artist building from the ground up and producing his own debut Colonel Red album ‘Blue Eye Blak’ at the turn of the new millenium!

‘Keep Walkin’ , Colonel red’s new album, resonates with the rich influences and experiences of Red’s heritage, yet still speaks with honest humility of familiar themes of faith, hope and love, that captures the essence of the contradictions and challenges that come to many of us, making the most of our lives, living our dreams and finding love in a society that has us under pressure.

Making a departure from the electronic studio sounds of earlier productions, the musical roots and deeply rhythmical hooks take you on a soulsongal adventure through jazz, soul, funk. fusion and even operatics Harlem-style.




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