• Border Crossings Sunday 11th March

    11. Mär. 2012, 0:27 von perryagain

    Indeed, tune in tonight to catch the post Womadelaide broadcast - its an extended BC from 9am-12pm and yours truly will be bringing you ambiance from around the world.

    Border Crossings

    I'll be playing music from ; Kristin Rule ; Nick Tsiavos ; Codona ; Joshua Abrams ; Amiina ; Portico Quartet ; Cluster and a whole lot more - hope you can tune in!
  • Music journal

    11. Okt. 2007, 21:21 von DonSiSi

    On a other Profile I got the Idea to create a list of all the groups which were important for me during a period of time.
    I thought before I started, easy job but when I started to create the list I immediately saw the difficulties.
    I didn’t had my records with me, :o(
    ( still crying that there a lonely in a box ) and to put a date when something started.
    Some of the groups I knew before, but then there didn’t had a big impact on my listening attitude.
    Other I could put every year on the list like Hawkwind :o)
    The solo Projects I didn’t put on the list because most of the time I follow the solo careers if it is interesting.
    With Fripp and Bjoerk it was the other way around. I knew the work which there groups before, but I hardly listened to them.

    Funny after I look at the list in the end I was quit surprised because I always thought I'm a bit to conservative in music but actually I always kept a bit track what's going on

    --- 1979

    Boney M
  • Eastern Rock

    13. Feb. 2007, 18:11 von raumfisch

    Hey there people!

    This is just a slightly changed forum post I recently made. Since I only got one reply (suggesting a very good band nonetheless!), I thought I'd put it up in my personal journal as well.

    I've been very fond of psychedelic music for as long as 3 years now, constantly listening, reading and trying to squeeze out every possible resource to gather information. Since only a rather short amount of time (6 months probably), I discovered my affinity to psychedelic music with eastern influences.
    Since my roots are settled in the rock fields, I grabbed my shovel and tried to unearth as many possible bands who combined those characteristics.

    Besides the obvious choices like Ananda Shankar (whose first album I LOVE) or the Beatles short trip to India, there are some other great gems to be found in the surroundings of the flower power movement in the 70s, since many open minded people started to see the world with a new awareness of others and consequently started travelling to lots of different places.