• Moments of spine-tingling pleasure

    2. Feb. 2006, 7:30 von philtreble

    There are a number of songs in which there is a musical event that is so wonderful that it makes my hair stand on end. Come on, you all must have had that feeling. These moments in music are works of pure genius. I believe that to some extent these moments are accidental.

    When I was in my first band, a sort of indie teenagers in garage (literally!) affair, I experienced one such moment. We used to tape our rehearsals on a cheapo tape recorder -- you know the old type of flat portable ones we all used to hold up to the TV speakers hoping to get some free music from Top of the Pops on Thursday night. Anyway, we were sort of jamming on the outro to a song and Pete the guitarist did this little guitar riff which very rhythmic and subtle but was the crowning glory of that recording. He was never able to recreate that riff and the tape has inevitably been lost now.

    So for the record, my top three tracks and where these moments occur are listed below. Anyone else got a submission?