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1 Underwater sleep while trying not to breath 2:09 176
2 Wake up & wash your face in tap air 1:27 140
3 Passive aggressive ia all we have. You Can't shout underwater 1:00 114
4 She's leaving for work in the underwater tram. I think I'll take a minute to think… 2:10 87
5 Starting my work with the daily rebuilding of the telescope 1:35 202
6 Using air bubbles as lenses I see the outside. I suspect the world is not what it… kostenloser Download 3:13 95
7 Time is running out. I'm sure. 2:01 100
8 I can see her. She's at work not even noticing I'm watching 1:20 83
9 I have a proof. The world is a drop of water falling slowly to it's end kostenloser Download 2:24 169
10 She says:"Now that you think the world is ending you seem much happier". This time… 1:56 75
11 She's leaving home. Not the best timing kostenloser Download 2:00 80
12 The drop is hitting the ledge. All that's visible is the city falling apart. She's… 1:37 77
13 When I find her we have to swim through the city. The city is dust. We see the world… kostenloser Download 1:52 96
14 Outside the water drop there's more rain drops. We jump from one to the other on our… 2:48 62
15 The pond was too far, but we have the small buthtub just for the both of us 4:06 65

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