• TJTMMOT #2: My 2009 music retrospective... part I: My favourite albums

    11. Jan. 2010, 12:09 von thedaydreamer1

    From my blog.

    My usual favourite albums list, now augmented to 50!

    Happy New Year everyone!!
    2009 is now long gone, 2010 is now and 2011 is still the future.
    Those of you (my faithful, awesome readers) that know me will no doubt expect this post. Why? Well, it is my perfect opportunity to compile lists, and I really really really like lists! Here you go then:

    Ok, first some introductory stuff, last year was a weird year for me, due to my military service, spent apart from Athens in Lamia and Komotini with some periods devoid of new music or even any music whatsoever. Thus I haven't listened to as much music as I wanted and also I have probably not paid as much attention as I should to some of the stuff I have listened too. Then again there's so much music out there that I don't think I'd ever be satisfied with how much I have listened to. …