• Wed 8 Sep 2010 – Janelle Monáe, Koko, London

    9. Sep. 2010, 0:57 von Babs_05

    Wed 8 Sep – Janelle Monáe, Wolf Gang

    For the definitive review, you couldn't do better than CvaldaVessalis's here: "Are We Really Living Or Just Walking Dead Now..."

    I won't repeat what my friend has already said. I'll move on to my impression and views.

    All the way through, I kept thinking, 'prototype Prince', but on returning home and listening to his first few albums, actually, Janelle Monáe has more going on for her than he did when he began.

    Without a doubt, her music is informed by George Clinton's / , just like Prince. Her music is soul and funk, just like Prince. She moves and dances ... just like Prince! But her set is not as polished as it was in his heyday when I saw him near the end of the 1980s. No one is power-dressing and there's no Cat or Sheila E. Instead, there are a few rather cute, not brilliant (borderline bad) dancers who make it because they're so sixth form. And she's dressed in her forever black and white.

  • "Are We Really Living Or Just Walking Dead Now..."

    9. Sep. 2010, 0:23 von CvaldaVessalis

    Wed 8 Sep – Janelle Monáe, Wolf Gang

    Am breaking mine own self-imposed conventions regarding journalizing for 2010 here, because more than a few things contributed to a most lovely day today. Firstly, the weather proved rather serendipitous with regards to my music listening at work, my first listen of Godspeed You! Black Emperor's seminal album Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven being accompanied by the kind of gorgeous muggy brown-grey sky and torrential rain that no epic-drone album can do without. However, such beauteousness was to be subsumed when the downpour finally ceased and the sun burst through the clouds just in time for my playlist devoted to one Miss Janelle Monáe, whose gig at KOKO in Camden I'd previously arranged to see with two of my good last.fm friends (they know who they are... ;^]) I'd been following Monáe's progress from diminutive OutKast protégé to fledgling pop star for more than a couple of years now…
  • Dibder's 2010: Spring/Summer

    1. Jun. 2010, 17:45 von CvaldaVessalis

    Hello anyone and everyone!! Well, I have had a more than crazy few months since I last blogged about my favorites of 2010 thus far... Music wise, it's been more than eventful, with plenty more amazing releases to listen to (but obviously I'll be getting on to that a little later!) and, most excitingly, the seeming return of the music video as a trendy art-form. True, some bands do take it upon themselves to unleash at least one amazing video for each of their albums these days, but we've already been spoiled-more-than-silly with audio-visual accompaniments to some rather brilliant (or not really) singles this year. Contenders for the year-end blogs include Vampire Weekend's celeb-heavy tennis match for Giving Up The Gun; Hot Chip and director Pete Serafinowicz's boyband execution parody for I Feel Better; and, last but by certainly-no-means-least, Romain Gavras and M.I.A.'s blisteringly brilliant clip for Born Free that really has to be seen to be believed... …
  • Weekly Top Album

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  • hey who wants to have fun

    1. Mär. 2008, 0:49 von achingtopupate

    and go to a concert or two w/ me?
    Here's the grand list:
    3.1 Sia @ the Magic Stick
    3.29 Stars @ The Crofoot Ballrom, $20
    4.10 The New Pornographers wsg Okkervil River @ The Crofoot Ballroom, $22
    4.18 Iron & Wine @ the Royal Oak Music Theater, $20.50
    6.2 A Silver Mt. Zion @ the Magic Stick, $12

    There are also gobs of movies I'll be seeing at the Detroit Film Theatre and Redford Theatre..message me for details.
    Orlando Cachaito Lopez
    The Ditty Bops
    The Fiery Furnaces
    Elliot Smith
    The New Pornographers
    Okkervil River
    Iron & Wine
    A Silver Mt. Zion
    Chet Baker
    Charlie Chaplin
    Jean-Michel Bernard
  • Das Gestern war gestern...

    23. Apr. 2007, 23:26 von KingFossil

    Gestern war übrigens wieder ein langer Tag. Um nicht die ganze Zeit am PC zu hocken, habe ich einen Ausflug in die Stadt gemacht und natürlich Musik erworben, aber immerhin auch Softeis (mit Streuseln!) gegessen und die Bücherei besucht. Was kam denn dabei rum:

    -Return To Fantasy (LP)
    -Firefly (LP)
    -Nursery Cryme (LP)
    -Asia (LP)

    Erstanden in der Gebrauchtabteilung je 4€ das Stück. Das lohnt sich.

    Dann ging es weiter: Softeis, mittlere Größe mit Schokostreuseln (die aber irgendwie nicht so ganz aus Schokolade waren, sondern eher wie hartes Zuckergebäck wirkten. Nein, ich meine nicht Stratovarius). 1,50€. Lecker, trotz der ultra-harten Streusel.

    Die Bücherei? Ja, nette Bücherei hier in Oldenburg. Aber leider hatten sie auch da nicht Norman Spinrads Roman "The Iron Dream" (alias "Der stählerne Traum" auf deutsch), der eine alternative Geschichte beschreibt, in der Adolf Hitler in den USA Karierre als Fantasy-Autor macht und seine Ideologie stattdessen seinen Romanhelden umsetzen lässt. …
  • Neusprech

    10. Apr. 2007, 20:24 von KingFossil

    So ziemlich jedes Musikprojekt, das irgendwann einmal einen Sänger engagiert, um sich nicht allein auf die Klangsprache (a la "Unheimliche Begegnung der Dritten Art") zu verlassen, steht vor dem Problem, in welcher Sprach man eigentlich die Texte halten will. Meistens stehen dabei die Muttersprache(n) der Musiker oder Englisch zur Wahl. Aber manche Bands gehen auch andere Wege und erfinden sich ihre Ausdrucksform einfach selbst.

    "Star Trek" und "Herr der Ringe" dürften in Hinblick auf fiktive Sprachen den Anfang gemacht haben. Klingonen und Elben waren fremdartige Wesen, deren Charakter auch durch die Sprache zutage trat. Die barbarisch konsonantenreiche Sprache der Föderations-Widersacher und das keltisch beeinflusste Gesäusel der Langohren taten ihr übriges, um die Klingonen als kulturfeindliche Monster zu brandmarken und die Elben als apotheistische Lichtgestalten darzustellen.

    In der Musik ging man andere Wege. …
  • January 10th: On this Day

    10. Jan. 2007, 7:52 von tenderbranson69

    2005, Spencer Dryden, drummer with Jefferson Airplane died of cancer at his home in California aged 66. Dryden was the Nephew of Charlie Chaplin.

    2001, Bryan Gregory founding member of The Cramps died after suffering a heart attack.

    1976, Blues artist Howlin Wolf, (Chester Burnett), died in hospital of cancer aged 66.

    1976, CW McCall went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Convoy', it made No.2 in the UK. CW McCall was in fact an advertising agent whose real name was Bill Fries.

    1965, Born on this day, Joey Santiago, guitar, The Pixies, (1990 UK No.28 single 'Velouria').

    1964, Born on this day, Brad Roberts, vocals, guitar, Crash Test Dummies, (1994 UK No.2 & US No.4 single 'MMM MMM MMM MMM').

    1958, Born on this day, Shawn Colvin, Singer songwriter, (1995 UK No.40 single with Mary Chapin Carpenter, 'One Cool Remove').

    1958, Jerry Lee Lewis was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Great Balls Of Fire'.

    1955, Born on this day, Luci Martin, vocals, Chic, (1978 US No.1 & UK No.7 single 'Le Freak').