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Ceephax Acid Crew


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Ceephax Acid Crew is a Chelmsfordian electronic musician working in the genre of (aka a&d, AD, Analord, etc) specializing in , , etc with occasional trips into the worlds of and , and semi-experimental (check Drive Time). Also known just as Ceephax or Andy Jenkinson (his birth-name).


Piers Martin interviewed Ceephax in 2000: „In the earlier days when my brother Tom (Squarepusher) lived at home, I always used to play about on his synths if he was out,“ Andy recalls. „Obviously Tom was doing loads of music and that was always inspiring, and one day it just clicked for me and I started doing music straight away.“ Ceephax started releasing his music in 1998 on Ed Dmx’s label Breakin’ Records and later in 2000 released on other underground labels Firstcask and Lo Recordings and made three remixes of his brother’s music on Rephlex and Warp.
More recent released on Firtscask and Bugklinik Records have shown an interest in sample related breakbeat driven jungle/“…“core music, but the more recent Ceerial Port EP is back on the acid bus. Some of Ceephax’s music is still only available as poorly recorded bootlegs.

Ceephax’s music mainly takes the sonic styles of vintage Roland drum machines TR-909, TR-606, TR-707 , Roland synthesizers TB-303, SH-101, Korg MS-20, and a Yamaha DX.




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