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Catharsis is an anarchist collective bent on the total liberation of ourselves and our world through creative self-expression and self-determination, the annihilation of capitalism, hiearchy, morality, ideology, and human misery in all its other forms, and—above all—the transformation of life into a joyous, carefree game, to be played for the highest of stakes. We release all our music ourselves and distribute it exclusively through a network of friends and colleages.

We organize all our performances ourselves or through friends, working to establish a cooperative network of autonomous individuals rather than relying on and thus reinforcing the chains of corporate control that presently constrict the arts in particular and modern human relations in general. We refuse to compromise with these assembled forces of selfishness, apathy, and violence, and insist that every day of our lives be an adventure unfettered by external controls or internal inhibitions. So can you.

We struggle for a day when art will no longer be just another commodity to be exchanged for other sterile consumer goods, when both the means of production an all the products therof will be shared openly so that everyone will be free to be an artist and live based on the pursuit of desire rather than ever-increasing standards of mere survival.




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