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  • UnfortunatelyGr

    at least he still has the best artist picture on [2]

    Februar 2014
  • TheBrandyBoy

    She's a Bad Mama Jama ♥

    Juli 2012
  • bigwalt160

    Carl Carlton still going strong,two great new cds on ITUNES, "GOD IS GOOD" and "SATURDAY" He will be the the headliner for "THE JAMMA 4 OBAMA" tour

    März 2012
  • naynay1129

    her body measurements are perfect in every dimension

    Juli 2011
  • Max_Cherkassky

    there is only one real MUSIC.... and it is undoubtedly FUNK (-:

    Juli 2010
  • MarceloQA

    Sheeeeees a bad mama jama! TUM TUM TUUUM (8)

    Juni 2010
  • Seelicious

    I edited the german description. He had a completely wrong one.

    Juni 2010
  • DaBears116

    I've always noticed an eerie resemblance between the guy self-titled album cover (main pic on and Carlton from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

    Mai 2010
  • manamedia

    Same henry352 : Make that 2 Votes for Baby' I Need Your Loving

    Februar 2010
  • turnipdaisy

    bad mama jamma ;B

    Juni 2009
  • henry352

    Baby I Need Your Loving is my favorite...

    August 2008
  • one_be_lo

    at least he still has the best artist picture on

    Juli 2008