It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This (3:20)

Cover von Saved My Life

Aus Saved My Life

All the time [2x]

I wanna hold you with my hands so tight
I wanna dive into your eyes tonight
I wanna see you with your best dress on
I wanna kiss you but you will be gone

I wanna talk to you about these things
You could be a queen, I could be king
I wanna shout out what I feel for you
I wish all of this shit just could come true

All the time - and I swear I’ve never been so close
All the time - drowning all the ships we built
All the time - fighting what I feared the most
All the time - how could I sink a fleet in my guilt


I wanna cheer you up when you are down
Driving through the night and leave this town
I wouldn’t be too shy to make a move
But to be honest this is not the truth.

I’m gonna hide all of my thoughts inside
I won’t be dancing in your arms tonight
No matter what, I won’t confess to you
No matter what, I won’t be feeling you

Ref. [2x]


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