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30. Jun. 2010 | von

Hey everyone, it's been ages, I know, but we really have been going all out to promote our new video. It was a tough time, Gerald was up all hours of the night, every night, I told him to slow down , but he didn't listen and now he has come up with an abscess in his mouth, the size of a golf ball! I don't know how he walks around in so much agony, I wouldn't have even let it go that far!!
Beyond Your dreams has had a fantastic response , we have had a few dozen TV stations in the USA request it for broadcast, I'm sure you all know that we submitted it to a few in the UK as well, including MTV, but we are still waiting to hear back from them. It seem that people are a lot more open to electronic  music in the States, it seems to be bigger over there. We also got on a lot of Internet TV stations , including Moon1 TV in France. So generally, we are pleased with the result that we had, a lot more people are aware of Cling and it has upped our profile loads and of course given us more credibility as a band. lets face it, if we had a lot of ££££££'s to hire a good PR firm, I'm sure you would see it in more prominent places,money talks.
All is well in the Cling household, Princess Cocolina is a s spoilt as ever, after over a year she has decided that she likes her smart basket after all and she curls up in there every night now, She is so plump that she takes up the whole basket!
My sister's house in Chicago caught fire and burnt down. It was a faulty humidifier. Fortunately no-one was living in the house at the time, but still, it must be a terrible thing to have to sort out. I was very shocked when it happened and now I feel quite paranoid about fires.
We finally had our conifers trimmed. Typical English workmen, all they did was complain about what a hard job it was and how much they'd under quoted us, what a cheek, they got really good money for half a day's work, they were so lazy anyway, kept stopping to rest every 10 mins! Anyway the result is that we have a lot more sunshine in the garden so it was worth putting up with all their moaning!

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