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CDC emerged in September 2003 from the silent suburban streets of 3 little towns by the names of Lansdale, Doylestown, and Perkasie. Having started as an „in-studio“ project the original members (John, Dave, Brenden, and Brooke) decided to take the band to higher places. With a newly recorded demo and an instant „buzz“ about them, CDC began playing shows in and around Philadelphia. A year and a half later, CDC set up and recorded 4 tracks for a split with Texas’ own Forty Theives. Problems arose with the split, and it was delayed for nearly a year. Since then, Forty Thieves split up, so the 4 songs will be teamed up with 3 previous songs for a 7 track EP in the states on Ghosttown Records. The 4 tracks will also go over seas to England and team up with 4 songs from BY MY HANDS(Glasgow Scotland) and be released as a split on Zone 6 Records. Now with 2006 well underway and the now better then ever lineup rippin it up(John, Kyle, Kevin, Kaelin, and Kurt), the recording process has begun for the Filled With Hate Records MCD titled „Defy The Odds“. The release date is slated for sometime in the summer of 2006. CDC has a lot cooking up, so stay tuned.

CDC, with eight tours under their belts(two to Cali and back), they have played 12 countries and 28 states in more then 200 shows. They have shared the stage with the likes of Death Before Dishonor, Merauder, Sworn Enemy, Set Your Goals, Bury Your Dead, Knuckledust, Terror, Figure Four, 100 Demons, Dead to Fall, Animosity, Good Clean Fun, Kickback, Shattered Realm, Outbreak




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