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Bust a Move


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Bust A Move’s first album “There’s no Place like Home” tells the story of a man searching for home, affiliation and identity. Ripped out of his familiar surroundings, contaminated with abominable thoughts and driven into despair he tries to find his way in a hypocritical, diabolical world. Where to go, when everything you once loved is taken away? Where to go when the inner demon controls your soul and tries to pull it into a misanthropic underworld? Only the thoughts of something intimate, of his roots, of his home keep the protagonist alive. It’s the idea that in the end everything will be alright, the catharsis of the damned and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – this is how he keeps his head above water …
Also Bust A Move are in the struggle for identity and self-realization. 5 guys coming from the Ruhr-area with roots deep in the west -and they all stand for one ideal! To compose, perform and actually live uncompromising, heavy music! Their music can be described by somewhat between modern US-Deathcore and groovy Hardcore letting no head stand still anymore. Whereas you get brutally crushed by vibrating blastbeats and barbaric shouts, the guitars deal a blow to your stomach again and again. Not even a bit of mercy.
After the release of the self-titled EP in their founding year 2009 the young band has been playing over 70 shows on national and international stages by now with acts like Deez Nuts, Awaken Demons and Maroon. With their choice to produce their first LP “There’s no Place like Home” in one of the best German studios for metal music, listeners will definitely stand to benefit from this.




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