• 4 Night Dream Festival

    5. Jul. 2010, 16:32 von dxdark

    Inspired by Triple J's recent "Impossible Music Festival" it got me thinking about what bands I'd love in one festival. So, due to the recent holidays and my sleeping patterns being thrown out of wack due to the World Cup, I set myself the task of plotting a festival that no one else might enjoy, but I damn well would. The set up goes like this:
    Warm Up Act - 4 songs
    Opener - 6 songs
    Main - 10 songs
    After Party - 6 songs
    Some of the line ups ran to a lot shorter time wise than others, in which case I gave the After Party band 2 extra songs (and I gave the after party band on the last night an extra song because I could). The nights should try and follow a similar theme, so no acoustic country band following a death metal one.

    Feel free to give it a shot yourself, of just leave me abuse for my choices.

    First Night
    Warm Up
    Dead Letter Circus
    >Here We Divide
    >The Space on the Wall
    >This Is The Warning

    Metallica, accompanied by Symphony Orchestra (see S&M)